Peaceful Parenting

Deep inside, you know you have a choice about the way you raise your children. Although you are busy and life can be overwhelming, you have what it takes to slow down, to reexamine your outdated beliefs and reactions, and to gain new, empowering insights into yourself and your family relationships.

And you also know that all the joy and harmony that you imagine for you and your children begins with you.

Experience the Benefits of Private Coaching

In my private coaching practice, the focus is building emotional intelligence and the goal is transformation.
By listening deeply without judgment, I create custom-tailored 10-week packages to guide parents to uncover not only the contents of their mental and emotional lives, but more importantly — the deeply seated and often unconscious beliefs that cause those emotional reactions in the first place.

In my experience, lives change and family relationships melt into harmony when parents' old, out-dated, unconscious beliefs are replaced with new, supportive, fully-conscious ones.

Most importantly, children thrive in Peaceful Parenting homes.

When you make a commitment to transformation through Peaceful Parenting, you make a commitment not only to yourself, but to your children, and your children’s children, and so on.

Because changing the future begins with you and spreads from there, one generation at a time.

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Nicholas Nixon's "Amelia and Lily Kantrovitz" East Boston, 2010


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