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— There Are No Animals in This Book! (ONLY FEELINGS)
Each page creates a spring board for rich conversation and connection between my children and me.

— Michael Rome

No feelings were harmed in the making of this sweet treasure.
A brilliant idea, to help people start to acknowledge feelings in a playful and creative way.

— Ariel J. Towne

Of all the children's books that are out there, this by far is the most incredible one that I've read.

— Eric Myers

This is my son's favorite book!
My two-year-old's favorite bedtime read! I hope this is the first of many books to come from this author!

— Lisa Nadler

Engaging & Beautiful!
Captures the attention of both parents and children alike; the pages dazzle and beckon. This is an important book!

— Flea

Speaks to the inner creativity and imagination. A uniqueness and energy that allows children to focus and explore.

— Joshua S. Horowitz

A playful way to build your child's emotionall intelligence
My son loves this book, especially the cute and clever ending!

— Hilary

A Dance Teacher's Delight!
I especially look forward to using the book in my movement classes as a tool for emotional and movement exploration.

— K Elizabeth

Wonderful and Inspirational Book!
This is a great book which gives our children exposure to the art world as well as allowing them to explore their feelings and emotions.

— David Upson

Hooray for Feelings and Gorgeous Art!
My son Oliver is only 5 months old and is already captivated by this book!

— Oliver's Momma

2 thumbs up from a kindergarten teacher in NYC
A must read for early childhood teachers. I recommend reading this book at several points during the school year to continually foster children's emotional intelligence.

— Superk 8

Awesome book!
Children love it when stories allow them to be loud or silly, and this book does both! Such a wonderful children's book.

— NewHorizon Roxanne

One of the most brilliant and insightful children's books, to help kids understand powerful emotions.

— Goran Miskovic

I was waiting for something like this!
Helping children understand how they feel and encouraging them to express that is how you build a sense of worthiness.

— Bayla Rozin

Brilliant, fun and impactful!
Chani Sanchez masterfully engages her young readers to connect with their feelings.

— Ryan Fix

My six year old loves this book
A great way to talk to your kids about what they are feeling, while also introducing them to some pretty amazing art.

— Thierry Bonnaire

My daughter's new favorite!
Gorgeous fusion of art, feelings and whimsy that makes it enchanting for any age! Grows the whole child.

— Dara G. Cole

Intelligent, witty and comical! This book is truly inspirational for all ages.

— Mom 2 Audrey

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